PT 42 (Dec 2003): 168

PT Breakdown: LR1= -6 (20/26) LR2= -3 (23/26) RC= -2 (24/26) LG= -3 (20/23) Experimental (LR1 from PT 21) = -3 (22/25) Raw/Scaled Score= 87/101, 168… One of those cruel, cruel, cruel -10/170… Continue reading

PT 32 (Oct 2000): 168

I took PT 32 yesterday, but didn’t get around to blogging on here. To save me some time, my PT breakdowns will be shorter and more concise. This way, my blog posts match… Continue reading

PT 31 (June 2000 Test): 169

This week is the beginning of regular practice tests! I haven’t established a quota for how many PTs I should do each week, but I do have specific tests that I want to… Continue reading

self-memo #1: don’t procrastinate review of practice tests

Try to review tests immediately after taking the test. At the very latest, complete review the next day. You must devote the time to review PTs. Case in point, you took PT 26… Continue reading

how much is too much studying?

I’ve been dwelling on a curious thought for the past few days: When can I stop studying and *know* that I am ready? At what point can I put down my pencil, smile, and… Continue reading

never, never, never give up

There will be slow days that seem to chip away at your soul. When your to-do list is daunting and you just want to throw your hands up and admit defeat. Breathe. You… Continue reading

words of (LSAT) wisdom

Rather than thinking of the LSAT as 30 prep tests to be gotten through, think of it as weaknesses to be eliminated. Every test is a snapshot of your weaknesses and you MUST… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 8 weeks until the LSAT

Monday, August 1: Holy S*@#! 8 sections are hard!! Attempted to do a 8-section test using PT 26 and 27 and I… failed… spectacularly. I don’t think I will do a full breakdown…but… Continue reading

back to basics: reading comprehension

This past week or so, I’ve been spending lots of quality time with reading comprehension because I think of RC as a misunderstood friend, not the evil third wheel of LR and LG… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 9 weeks until the LSAT

This week was all about simplicity. Less thinking, more action, and a whole lot of “YOU CAN DO THIS, LR! DON’T GIVE UP!” ra-ra self-cheerleading. It’s kind of cool to see that I CAN… Continue reading

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