LR shares good news: free LSAT PT tracker!

I like free stuff just as much as the next person. Still, I was a bit skeptical when I came across Cambridge’s free excel spreadsheet because it sounded too good to be true.… Continue reading

self-memo #3: stop praying for a 180

Yesterday, it was just me and PT 29. I divided up the LR sections by question types and did everything nice and slow, without any time constraints. No idea how long it took… Continue reading

40 days and counting: drilling the classics

These past two days were spent drilling old games from PT 1-20, with the majority being linear. This was my second or third time for some of these games, so naturally these felt… Continue reading

self-memo #2: stop trying to reinvent the wheel

We all want to follow in the footsteps of successful people. What makes this third time so different from my previous prep is that I am much, much more open to new study… Continue reading

PT 23 (Oct 1997): 173

Yesterday, I completed PT 22 under semi-timed conditions (aimed for 35 mins but allowed over time if needed) and overall, scored a 165. Another reminder that taking off whole days is a big… Continue reading

44 days and counting: how times flies when you’re not…studying

Man, I hate that awful, sinking feeling in my gut. Insecure thoughts have been cropping up, with today being the worst bout I’ve had in quite some time. I could do poorly on… Continue reading

happy studying!

I couldn’t resist, guys. If you’re interested in seeing my other masterpieces, check out my newly minted page “LR’s Happy Thoughts.” Enjoy, and happy studying!

46 days and counting: cookies and brie cheese

Reviewing 43 (still)– you’d think I would learn already (after whining so much about it) to review the darn PTs immediately after taking them. But I can’t help it, I need a break… Continue reading

48 days and counting: I’m a fighter

I certainly will NOT be taking crap from a test. Let’s do this.

PT 43 (June 2004): 168

Took PT 43 at the library and scored yet another 168. I was on the fence about taking tests at my local library on a Saturday since there’s usually small kids running around.… Continue reading

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