here’s my two weeks notice

So close to test day. 14 days. It’s hard not to squirm a little when I think about test day. I’ve already printed my ticket, got my passport photo (learn from my mistake:… Continue reading

young grasshopper, release thy nervous energy

I hate exercise and the outdoors. To avoid both, I make all sorts of illegitimate excuses. But today I decided (okay, more like dragged outside by my friend, but it’s basically the same… Continue reading

I’m not afraid of burnout… I’m afraid of self-doubt.

Humans are frail creatures. I am reminded of this not because of physical limitations, but how easily I am waylaid by my thoughts. Like yesterday, for instance, I felt restless and found myself… Continue reading

LR’s top 5 LSAT resources

If I’m stuck on a question and feeling blue, I turn to these resources. 1. Ping from 7Sage LSATĀ  Whenever I watch Ping’s videos, I learn something new. I’m not exaggerating when I… Continue reading

“It’s gonna be legen–wait for it–dary!”

It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner. -Vince… Continue reading

firecrackers bursting…with hope?

Happy Labor Day Weekend! My neighborhood is filled with sounds of firecrackers. Call me childish, but just the sound of firecrackers makes me happy. Perhaps I subconsciously connect balls of fire with celebration,… Continue reading

together, we could change the (LSAT) world!

Very recently, I have made great use of two forums that have been around for a while. (I know, WHERE HAVE I BEEN ALL THIS TIME?) You can post questions and have them… Continue reading

the longest month is about to commence

I have an uncle who graduated at the top of his law school. He’s fierce and I respect him immensely. He lives in another country so the last time I saw him was… Continue reading

how does LR drill & review logic games?

Someone asked me how I drill & review logic games. I thought my answer could be helpful for others as well. I don’t do LG drilling everyday, but I try to. Step 1:… Continue reading

how to learn from one’s mistakes…

Studying from one’s mistakes is pretty intuitive (it’s also one of the most commonly prescribed answers you get from LSAT forums– learn from your mistakes, you blockhead!), but exactly how to do that… Continue reading

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