9 months to go…

Last night, the family busted out the champagne for me. It was definitely more than a personal victory to get into Wonderland Law School. Even though my family is tight-knit, I was still… Continue reading


I’m shaking. I got into my no. 1 school. More later.

less is more

My radio silence, dear readers, can be swiftly explained with a simple answer: I got a job! Nothing fancy, but it should be enough to pay for law school books and the deposit… Continue reading

LSAT & Fee Waivers

First off, I just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who have visited my blog and left encouraging comments to yours truly. I read ’em all and sincerely hope that my… Continue reading

pins & needles

I can’t help but sigh when I think about my LSAT score. I’m so done with it. I think my calmness is partly due to the fact that I’ve busied myself these 3… Continue reading

how to write a “personal” statement

I hate sob stories. I hate them because it puts me in a depressed mood and the whole law school admissions process is depressing enough as it is. And please don’t get me… Continue reading

pinky promises

I reread some of my older posts, and boy, I made quite a few promises to you, my readers. So I decided to attend to those today. As promised, I updated my 4… Continue reading

the air feels different after the LSAT

The actual test went by very quickly without too many bumps. But I was a little surprised at all the drama that unfolded at the test center. People forgot their passport photos (sigh).… Continue reading

LSAT tips for the Last Week

Four months ago, I fully expected The Last Week to be nerve-wracking. I also planned on working hard enough to have some peace of mind because there’s nothing worse than doubting yourself right… Continue reading

…and then, there were 6 days

Cue the climatic music. But um, no, nothing really special to report here. Yesterday I performed a not-so-successful dress rehearsal of test day on the college campus where I’m taking the LSAT. Of… Continue reading

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