Who is Legal Rabbit?

It all began at the end of sophomore year. I sat down with myself and looked at my transcript from Bunny University. Back then, I was a sexy, German Chocolate major but my grades were gloom and doom. So I switched to Carrot Studies, and soon became a happy bunny but had no idea what to do. I went home, did some much-needed soul searching, and got my act together. After deciding to pursue law school, I figured a blog to chronicle my LSAT and application progress would be a nice reminder to not take this ordeal (or myself) too seriously. I will be chronicling my law school journey as a 1L for the fall of 2012 at Wonderland Law School.

As a child, I loved Alice in Wonderland. Now as a semi-grownup, I’ve decided to step into a Wonderland of my own. My favorite character was the refined white rabbit who looked so cool with his neat pocket watch. This is how I imagine myself to be in 10 years…

…But, I have to admit that I look more like this:

Psh, details, details. I’m here, and you’re here. Why not enjoy the journey together?

Yours truly,


P.S. Dear reader, if you would like to contact me, my email address is legalrabbithole (at) gmail (dot) com