alive and kickin’

I finally have a moment to sit down and write something! At my current job, I was promoted back in December 2011 so things got hectic at work. I’m starting to enjoy the 9-5 working lifestyle since I’m getting better at managing my time at work. I know, this isn’t the most thrilling update in the world, but it is what it is. Even though I’m exhausted all the time, it’s nice to have clear financial goals (thanks for the suggestion, Wanna-be Lawyer!). Right now, I’m aiming to buy a laptop (this topic deserves its own blog post! I usually just buy a laptop for looks, but this time, I’m doing my homework!) and some money towards law school books & fees.

On the law school front, I recently made plans to visit Wonderland Law School in March for admitted students. Yay! The agenda says business casual…so I’m still on the fence about whether I should wear a suit or dress it down a bit. Gotta make a good first impression, right? On a related note, I finally bit the bullet and purchased some supplements to read. Disclaimer: I do NOT expect my first-time reading of these supplements to guarantee good results. I highly doubt that I will be getting ahead of the pack by reading these supplements, since the professor could easily discount them. Still, I’d rather have a basic understanding of what the subjects are about so that once school starts, I can focus on learning about the professors’ exam styles, keeping up with the assigned readings, and making time for clubs.

So, what’s my progress? I haven’t finished John Delaney’s Legal Reasoning yet– even though I appreciate the brevity of the book, it reads too much like an outline to me. I didn’t mean to get sidetracked with Chirelstein’s Contracts book, but I’m already 2/3 finished. It’s short (roughly 260 pages), surprisingly easy to read, and the cases he picked out for discussion are complex and interesting. I picked up Chirelstein’s book because of the rave reviews on TLS. I noticed that TLS users from my law school preferred this book over the E&E supplement. Afterwards, I plan on moving onto either Dressler’s Criminal Law book or the Torts E&E since both are first-semester subjects.