gap year to-do list

If you’ve followed me since my LSAT prep days, you know I like schedules. I hate the feeling of floating around without doing anything substantial– gap years suck but I do feel like there should be some progression, mentally and physically.

1. Read THIS BLOG in its entirety. An anonymous hiring partner reveals how law firms hire law students. Much more than boring “do’s and don’ts”, I like the no-bullshit attitude about legal hiring. Yeah, it’s still intimidating, but at least the blogger tries to tell you what’s going on behind the scenes. I won’t go as far as say that this blog will completely unlock secrets to scoring a sweet job, since it’s a given that getting a job takes some hustling. At the very least, legal hiring won’t seem like a black box anymore (is my job application dead or alive….or both?).

2. Make some $$$ for law school expenses. Enough said.

3. Get back into running (hah, this might as well be my New Year’s resolutions). I used to run regularly and then [insert excuse here].

4. Attend an open house at Wonderland Law School… I wanted to go sometime this week, but given recent blog entries of law students, I know it’s finals time for them. I’d hate to be THAT kid. I remember when prospective students came to my undergrad university during prime midterm season or right before finals. They were lucky my eyes were unable to produce lasers. With that said, best of luck to law students, though I doubt any of them have time to read my blog. I shall visit WLS when the weather is sunnier and you are happier, hopefully.

5. Keep blogging. I have received a few emails that have pondered my school’s identity. For now, my happy silence will have to do.

6. Read. Hm, I want to write more for this one, but I haven’t had the motivation to read much lately. Does anyone else feel like December is a twilight zone for non-academic productivity? I am getting things done… they’re just not related to law school at all.