less is more

My radio silence, dear readers, can be swiftly explained with a simple answer: I got a job! Nothing fancy, but it should be enough to pay for law school books and the deposit for my apartment (assuming I live sufficiently far from home). Thankfully, I don’t have major bills to pay with my meager income. I’d like to think that being “work busy” will help me overcome my paralyzing laziness.

Before I got a job, I would park myself in front of my laptop and let my eyes glaze over while I read TLS boards and other random Interweb bits. Total waste of brain material, to be honest. After getting this job and having LESS time to sleep, browse the Internet, and watch TV, I’ve finished two “serious” books. Like many others, I have a personal checklist of books that I’ve wanted to read. Hopefully this productivity will continue. It’s said that “less is more”; well, I think that applies to time management as well. With less time, I am definitely more mindful of how I spend my time.

P.S. Tom from Manhattan LSAT wrote to me about their newly minted LSAT Retake Manifesto. I’m a big fan of their LSAT forum and have definitely benefited from using their resources. Check out their retake advice HERE.