the air feels different after the LSAT

The actual test went by very quickly without too many bumps. But I was a little surprised at all the drama that unfolded at the test center. People forgot their passport photos (sigh). People cried and begged. People yapped about law school and openly criticized people who forgot their photo (Seriously? Dear future esquire, leave your douchey comments at home). People’s stomachs growled. Proctors were annoying as hell (nothing new there). You know how there’s a million rules for test takers? I would like to suggest one simple rule for proctors: Do NOT, for the love of sweet buttermilk, hover around students who are trying to focus on the Test That Determines Their Future and whisper inane comments to “lighten” the mood. Totally inappropriate.

After the test, everything seems to be moving at lightning speed. I guess I was granted some shelter from Real Life while studying for the LSAT these four months. I can’t say if Reality is better or worse than Studying (yes, I do believe studying is a state of being).

I kind of miss the LSAT and the structure it gave my life. I’m allowing myself to wax poetic nonsense today (thank your lucky stars that you don’t have to hear me mope about the LSAT. Trust me, this is the Spark Notes version) and start working on my law school apps tomorrow.

Time to put elbow grease to paper.