here’s my two weeks notice

So close to test day.

14 days.

It’s hard not to squirm a little when I think about test day. I’ve already printed my ticket, got my passport photo (learn from my mistake: use a ballpoint pen, not a pencil or a gel ink pen to write on the back of it!), sharpened some new pencils, and prepared other misc things. For my test day snack, I’ll probably go with water and a snack bar. Really, I’m trying not to overthink the small things. I get queasy now thinking about eating during the test, but having undergone the ordeal twice, I know that I work well under pressure. I’m the type of person that worries incessantly until I get to the test center, but once the test booklet is in front of me, I forget my nervousness and put on my game face.

Loved ones are asking what I’ll be doing after the test. Gently, but firmly, I remind them that I will start living again once I’m done. I have ZERO plans and proud of it. I’m an expert at relaxation and laughing and fun, so I don’t need to plan for that.

Besides the technical aspects of test day, I’m using my time mainly to drill and do timed sections as opposed to full length tests. I plan on doing around 3 full-length PTs using tests I haven’t seen before between now and test day and will do a sample writing section the week of the test.

Dear LSAT, this is my two weeks notice. I’m done with you for good in just two weeks.