young grasshopper, release thy nervous energy

I hate exercise and the outdoors. To avoid both, I make all sorts of illegitimate excuses. But today I decided (okay, more like dragged outside by my friend, but it’s basically the same thing in my book) to get some exercise outdoors. Afterwards, I sure as hell didn’t look pretty or feel refreshed, but I felt emptied out, physically and mentally. This past week I’ve had a hard time falling asleep since I was more or less eating, drinking, and sleeping with the LSAT on my mind. Actually it wasn’t just sleep. I was pretty much a cranky, useless blob. A zombie. Yeah, a Diet Coke chugging zombie describes me pretty well right now.


Although it’s not healthy, I have been a regular subscriber to the idea that studying and stressing for the LSAT around the clock is the way to go (you can blame my Tiger mother…I’m joking…sort of). I don’t mean to be pretentious by making recommendations, especially when it’s so freaking close to test day, but having experienced it firsthand, I’d say it’s beneficial to insert short, intense workouts (and then hustle like you mean it when you’re studying). If you contain all that nervous energy until Oct 1st, you’re going to explode and not in a good way. And this might be counterintuitive, but your mind and body need to be exhausted before it can be refreshed. Hah, if anyone suggested to me that I should use up ALL of my energy so that I can sleep hard and recharge properly, I would have promptly given them my best stink eye. How dare you tell me to NOT study every waking moment. But if you’re like me, phasing in and out of extreme bouts of paranoia, you might want to move a little.

Here’s a cyber hug from me to you. We can do this.

Almost there,