LR’s top 5 LSAT resources

If I’m stuck on a question and feeling blue, I turn to these resources.

1. Ping from 7Sage LSAT 

Whenever I watch Ping’s videos, I learn something new. I’m not exaggerating when I say that The Curriculum is a life-changing discovery (& it’s FREE!!!!!). As part of my morning routine, when I’m groggy and finishing my first cup of coffee, I turn on one of his videos and just listen to one of his question type videos or his quiz videos. Biggest bang for zero bucks. Can’t get better than that.

Note added 9/27/2011: Ping’s youtube channel is gone, but his original LSAT brilliance can still be found on his website. Please see his website for further details.

Note added 5/27/2012: Ping is BACK with a new website and name. Check out his LSAT blog, 7Sage LSAT, for tips and advice.

2. Steve from The LSAT Blog

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3. Manhattan LSAT Forum

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4. Powerscore Forum

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5. Top Law Schools (Go to forum search function) 

I like TLS and its imperfections. But there’s some golden, unspoken rules in this land of future esquires. For first-timers, ignore the rampant trolling, embrace the sarcasm, take what you need, and get the hell out of there. Have you ever heard of dumpster diving? Yeah, that’s how you should approach TLS.