firecrackers bursting…with hope?

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

My neighborhood is filled with sounds of firecrackers. Call me childish, but just the sound of firecrackers makes me happy. Perhaps I subconsciously connect balls of fire with celebration, but whatever the science may be, it’s something that I’ve always enjoyed.

Even though I’m not in school anymore, holiday weekends still make me giddy. After taking a PT this morning, I basically did not do anything LSAT-related today. I was adamant about enjoying this holiday weekend. But now that it’s 9:30pm-ish, thoughts of test day that I managed to shove to the back of my head are now flashing in front of my eyeballs. I guess that means I’m back in the mood to labor over the LSAT again. (hah, I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to write this sentence. To labor = Labor Day. Yeah, I have NO life.)

Horribly written puns aside, now that my LSAT journey is about to end in less than a month, I’m starting to savor each test. The optimist in me thinks it’s all about second (or third!) chances. The pessimist in me is thinking that I have a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome.