how does LR drill & review logic games?

Someone asked me how I drill & review logic games. I thought my answer could be helpful for others as well. I don’t do LG drilling everyday, but I try to.

Step 1: Do a bunch of games from one game type. I don’t grade them until I’m done with all of them. I do this to get into the habit of doing lots of problems in one sitting. While doing the problems, if I’m really stuck, I’ll write at the top “HARD” to signify that I need to review it in-depth. I use a timer just to see how long it takes me to do a game– I don’t really put a time limit per game. I’ve even spent 30 minutes on a game before. The point is to really understand how each game works.

    • If I answer a problem and I’m iffy about my answer, I put some kind of mark next to the question number. I’m working on coming up with a systematic way of doing it, but usually I box it, put a dash next to it, or put a question mark next to it.
    • If I can narrow it down to 2 answers and choose one, but can’t confidently eliminate the other one, I box the iffy answer choice and circle the one I think is more correct.
    • As I’m doing the problem, if I realize that I misread a rule or diagrammed it incorrectly and wasted a lot of time, I make a note of it. Usually, I write “IDIOT” next to the rule because I’m, well, pretty much frustrated as hell with myself.

For steps 2, 3, and 4…

Step 2: I grade them carefully using a red pen. I tried purple once, but it’s not as effective. My eyes tend to skim over purple marks, but red marks grab my attention. Personally, I use Pentel’s EnerGel in 0.5 Needle Tip. Best red pen out there– a bit pricier than other red pens but the ink never skips, leave ugly blotches, or fail my expectations. If I had to pick between 20 mediocre red pens and 2 of the EnerGels, I’d pick the latter every time.

Step 3: After grading, I grab a yellow highlighter. Any question that I marked with a box, dash, or question mark, I highlight the question.

Step 4: I re-diagram any question missed or highlighted. If I’m still stuck on the problem, I go online and search for explanations. Manhattan LSAT forum, LSAT blog, and TLS are good resources.

How long does it take? It took me two days to review all games from PT 1-20.