how to learn from one’s mistakes…

Studying from one’s mistakes is pretty intuitive (it’s also one of the most commonly prescribed answers you get from LSAT forums– learn from your mistakes, you blockhead!), but exactly how to do that can be a mystery. This week, I spent two days doing something that my mom suggested. It was brilliantly simple; figures, moms just know everything.

Instead of just logging my LR mistakes, I printed them out, and reviewed them with an effort to put it to memory. Not straight up rote memorization, but more along the lines of “hm…here’s the question about Stalin‘s sanity–oh right, being a tyrant is a political condition!! I am intently working on familiarizing myself with *my* mistakes. After doing that, I broke free of my score slump and scored a 171 today on PT 24 (yeah, it’s an old test, but I’ll take what I can get).

Currently, I’m not taking any of my PT scores for granted. It is what it is. I would perform a genuine happy dance over a 170 on the real thing. Higher the better, of course, but I am very mindful of my potential. I’m working towards increasing my average to 170 before test day. My average is a 167 across 15 practice tests so that’s where I stand right now t-minus 36 days. Oh man, did the room get really hot all of a sudden?

It’s getting scarily close to test day, like *gulp* omg-I-could-pee-my-pants close. Starting on Monday, I’m taking five-section PTs and conserving time & energy as much as possible.

Seeee-ya later,


Fact: snakes are experts at conserving energy. Fact: I don't have a good reason to put this pic here. 😛