40 days and counting: drilling the classics

These past two days were spent drilling old games from PT 1-20, with the majority being linear. This was my second or third time for some of these games, so naturally these felt easy. I also skimmed the LG bible with the focus on comparing my diagrams (from the PTs I’ve taken) to the ones in the book to see if I could have diagrammed a rule or situation better or faster. For anyone in a games rut, I would recommend the following…

Spend a day or two just going back to the classics and regaining your confidence. Just taking PTs can be a soul-draining experience and it helps to insert these confidence-boosting exercises in between. Remind yourself that every section of this test IS doable and not a flesh-eating monster.

So I feel as though this week is going to be rather quiet…I can feel it in my bones… actually, scratch that, I’ve planned for this week to turn out that way. I’m drilling my weaknesses and not emphasizing PT scores as much (I deconstruct and dissect old PTs so they don’t look as scary, but I do end up with a PT score).

I would love to fill the rest of this post with my plans for tomorrow and this week–to show that I am slogging away and being a “good” student. However, I’ve learned something about myself in the short time that I’ve been blogging here….blogging about my plans for the future rarely produces good results. It’s like a cyber jinx. The plans of mice and men just don’t work out as planned and if I’m going to talk the talk, I sure as hell better be able to walk the talk. Man, I should avoid blogging so late at night; I’m so tired that I end up using cliches left and right…

Till next time,