self-memo #2: stop trying to reinvent the wheel

We all want to follow in the footsteps of successful people. What makes this third time so different from my previous prep is that I am much, much more open to new study techniques. While it’s important to maintain a sense of fortitude about one’s decisions, there comes a time when you should take into consideration what others have done– aka, stop trying to reinvent the wheel and get on with it.

I’m a big fan of Hedwig (scored a 174) and the fabulous Eugenie Danglars (157–>164–> 172). They’re both rockstars @ TLS and if you’re interested in reading their threads, just click on their names. Both of them have big hearts and were generous enough to share how they studied for the LSAT. Note, there are several other big timers who rocked the LSAT, so just do a quick forum search.

Now that it’s T minus 42 days…

I’m going to try out one of Eugenie’s suggestions: make a summary sheet for logical reasoning. My LR bible is somewhat raggedy now & I am a little tired of it. I’ve read it fully twice (I have an entire notebook dedicated to it) and skimmed it many times. However, I’ve never actually tried to condense all that info in a nutshell. It’s such a simple idea…that it might actually work to bring down my wildly inconsistent LR scores. I guess I’m a little jaded by the Powerscore Bibles because I read them in-depth and did ALL the exercises and still ended up with not-so-great scores. Still, I’m gonna have faith and re-read it once more. Maybe I’m slower than the average person…but that just means I need to work harder.

Today, I’m going to do that and log my LR mistakes for PT 22 & 23. I WILL become besties with LR.

I will. I will. I will.