46 days and counting: cookies and brie cheese

Reviewing 43 (still)– you’d think I would learn already (after whining so much about it) to review the darn PTs immediately after taking them. But I can’t help it, I need a break after taking a PT. Yesterday was another library day. It was OK in that I managed to squeeze in one timed LR section and reviewed PT 42. For review of PTs, I tend to redo games and look at missed questions for RC. For LR, I whip out my trusty spreadsheet and write out the following for each missed LR question (yes, it’s time-consuming. yes, it’s critically important for yours truly to do this. I’ve gone from missing like 7 or 8 per section to missing 1 to 4 recently):

  • Column 1: # (basically, my Type A personality would like needs to know how many total questions I missed per LR section)
  • Column 2: No. in the PT
  • Column 3: Description of the answer choice I picked
  • Column 4: Why that one is loser #1
  • Column 5: Description of the correct answer
  • Column 6: Why that one is The One
  • Column 7: Description of loser #2
  • Column 8: Description of loser #3
  • Column 9: Description of loser #4

I think libraries are great for taking PTs but if you need a computer, like I do, when drilling or reviewing PTs, then it’s best to stay clear of the library. There’s too many restrictions. My library, for example, has a strict 2-hour limit for the entire day. So today, I’m at home, reviewing and doing timed sections from PT 22, 23, and 24 while baking cookies and eating melted brie cheese with brown sugar. This is how I prefer to study. I probably shouldn’t.

But I am, because some LSAT days require some sweetness.

For anyone still following this blog (I know, how much can a person write about studying for the LSAT? Clearly, way too much.), don’t count on seeing more weekly countdown posts since I have less time to blog lately. Meanwhile, I AM keeping track of the days so when I blog, I’ll put that in the title to keep us (mainly, just me) on track.