PT 42 (Dec 2003): 168

PT Breakdown:

LR1= -6 (20/26)

LR2= -3 (23/26)

RC= -2 (24/26)

LG= -3 (20/23)

Experimental (LR1 from PT 21) = -3 (22/25)

Raw/Scaled Score= 87/101, 168… One of those cruel, cruel, cruel -10/170 curves. Also wth is up with me doing much better on experimental sections than the real sections? It doesn’t make sense; I *know* which one is the experimental one, and yet I’m still doing better on those than the real sections. Man, let’s hope that it works out in my favor on the real deal!!

Predicted= I was praying for anything above a 165… so a 168 is generous given how awful I felt while taking this test. Not sure if this is common, but I’ve been experiencing this “slump” mode while taking practice tests and it happens frequently during the third section and the fifth section. It’s like my brain is wading waist-high in wet mud and suddenly, the words don’t. make. any. sense.

My biggest concern right now…

is overcoming this mental resistance during PTs. Sure, I could give a million excuses (the lighting was sub-par, there was a fly buzzing around my head, etc.), but I’m sick of making them. I will be reviewing PT 42 tonight and taking PT 43 tomorrow with an experimental section. If I experience more mental blockage during tomorrow’s test, I’m going to take a break from PTs and do individual timed sections, like 3 or 4 in a row. I want to train my brain so that it’s used to concentrating for 1.5 hours (which is roughly how long 3 sections take).

Remember when I said that I would make small piles of work in order make drilling less intimidating? Well, those small piles usually took about 20-40 mins for me to finish and after doing a pile or two, I would normally take a break. I think this may be the reason why I’m struggling during PTs.

I’m pretty sure this mental resistance isn’t a symptom of burnout because as soon as I take a 30 minute break, I’m good as new. Problem is, I can’t take a 30 minute break in the middle of a PT. 😦 I’m sure many people can relate to this, but if given more time, the LSAT is really not that bad.

Have a nice night,