PT 32 (Oct 2000): 168

I took PT 32 yesterday, but didn’t get around to blogging on here. To save me some time, my PT breakdowns will be shorter and more concise. This way, my blog posts match up with my PT days.

PT Breakdown:

LR1 = -4 (21/25)… Confession: I’m starting to like LR (!!!!!!!) and even though my scores aren’t superb, I’m starting to recognize how to approach certain questions.

LR2 = -4 (21/25)

RC = -3 (24/27)… I missed ALL of them on the last passage. A nasty science passage about alcohol, wine, and heart disease.

LG = -5 (19/24)… dammit, I felt rushed again. I’m starting to think that the games in the 30s are kind of weird. There’s always  2-3 time-intensive ones that aren’t particularly hard but require much plugging and chugging. So annoyed 😦

I timed each section, graded it immediately after, and reviewed my mistakes before moving onto the next section. No experimental section. This process took less time than when I took a whole PT timed, did an untimed review, and then logged my mistakes. On Friday and Saturday, I will be doing whole PTs timed with a 10 min break after the third section.

I am also keeping track of LR question types to see if there’s a patttern. I am a little worried about how to fit in drilling of weak areas since I want time to properly rest as well (currently, my rest days are Sundays).