PT 31 (June 2000 Test): 169

This week is the beginning of regular practice tests! I haven’t established a quota for how many PTs I should do each week, but I do have specific tests that I want to complete each week. I have a tentative PT schedule posted in my 4 month study plan if you’re interested. I took PT 31 yesterday and reviewed it today.

PT Breakdown:

LR1 = -3 (21/24)… I’m going to allow myself to be a little happy about this. I usually miss 5+ per section!

LR 2 = -3 (23/26)… 😀

RC = -1 (27/28)… ::happy dance::

LG = -8 (15/23)… Back to the drawing board with LG. I swear I can’t take my eyes off of LG for a second or else my score plummets.

LG (experimental) = -1 (23/24)… Ironically, if I counted my experimental LG section as the “real” one, my score would have been a 176. You should have seen my reaction when I saw that I missed 8 on the real one and 1 on the experimental one. I was utterly heartbroken.

Predicted score: 164-167… this was literally what I wrote down after I finished the test.

I attribute my low predicted score to bombing the first section (the real LG section). I *knew* the section had destroyed me. Even though LR felt fine, I was pretty iffy on RC so I figured that I probably didn’t score very well….which goes to show, an awful first section isn’t the end of the world.

How did I feel? Seriously, a bad LG section can take me from a 176 to a 169, just like that. When I prepped the first time for the LSAT, I almost always did 5 section tests; however, I always made the experimental section the first section in order to warm-up. UGH, I SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT. Can I please go back in time and slap myself silly for doing that? Now, I make the experimental section the second or third section so that I get used to treating the first section as the real thing. I also try to warm up with a game and a RC passage before taking the practice test so I’m not fumbling when the test starts.

Just this once, I will say that I am happy with a 169 since it’s been a longggg time since I’ve missed only one on RC and only 3 from each LR section. For me, this is one of those milestones. For a while, I was consistently missing 2 to 4 from RC and 5 to 7 from LR. I guess the intensive LR review and the RC drilling paid off.

Warm-up: 1 RC and 1 game that I’ve already done before

Tick tock goes the clock: Started at 10am. Real conditions. 35 minutes per section with a 10 minute break after the 3rd section. I had 5 minutes to spare on RC. Ran out of time on LG (clearly, my score suffered). On time for both LR sections.

Food: super heavy breakfast… no bueno. During break, some diet coke.

Observation #1: My mental endurance is still pretty weak. I know this because even though I had time to spare on LR and RC, I didn’t have the mental chops to check any of my answers. I spent those 3-5 minutes with my eyes closed preparing myself for the next section. Hm, there are pros and cons to what I did today, but I wish I could have had the stamina needed to recheck my answers.

Observation #2: Need to practice writing with a pencil. I spend a LOT of time on my laptop since I do most of my intensive review using an excel spreadsheet. During games, my pencil didn’t feel quite right. I need to become one with the pencil.