LR’s countdown: 8 weeks until the LSAT

Monday, August 1: Holy S*@#! 8 sections are hard!!

Attempted to do a 8-section test using PT 26 and 27 and I… failed… spectacularly. I don’t think I will do a full breakdown…but I might change my mind later. PT 26 is a good example of when everything goes horribly wrong:

  • I forgot to time myself in LR 1
  • I misbubbled #12-25 on LR 2.
  • This was my first attempt to do four sections in a row and not break after the 3rd section. By the time I came to the fourth section (RC), my brain was pudding. The RC passages weren’t terribly difficult, but I half-assed the questions and I just wanted to get it over with.
  • During the last section, I was thinking about PT 27 and that this was taking freaking forever.
  • I think the icing on the cake was that I reverted to a very bad habit of mine– I graded PT 26 without giving it an untimed review. When I saw that I got a 167 on PT 26, that basically killed my desire to do anymore LSAT work. After taking a couple of hours off, I tried to put on a brave face and finish off PT 27, but in the middle of the third section (RC), my brain signed off again. I had to put away the test. I didn’t even review my mistakes from PT 26. I decided to cut my losses short and go to bed at 10pm. Before dozing off, I wrote down a quick game plan that would put me back on track.

Tuesday, August 2: Sweet redemption…does not come easily 

I finished the last two sections of PT 27 and didn’t grade it. I planned on doing a monster review session of my drill sets and the PTs, but that didn’t happen. When my mom offered to buy lunch at a yummy Thai restaurant, I couldn’t resist. Lunch led us to a newly opened pastry cafe, then to the bookstore so that I could look at some LSAT books (Kaplan, McGraw Hill, and Barrons were the only available ones 😦 ), then a trip to the shopping center to buy my sister a birthday gift, and then a few more chores around town. Basically, I was able to get a break from LSAT stuff from noon to 6pm. In the evening, I did manage to do 10 RC passages before passing out, so the day wasn’t entirely wasted. Still, I carried the uneasy feeling that PT 27 wasn’t going to turn out great and I couldn’t shake off the awful feeling that I failed by getting a 167 after TWO WEEKS OF DRILLING. Soooo frustrating.

Wednesday, August 3: I hope my dreams don’t come true!

I woke up feeling drained because I dreamt that I got a 164 (one point higher than my first test, ugh) and was running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out whether I should hold off law school for another two years in order to retake the LSAT a FOURTH TIME. And then, I graded PT 27 and scored a 163. Seriously, what a bad way to start the day, right? However, I found out that my dream (failing a test and then freaking out about it) is actually a good omen for passing a test with flying colors. The LSAT is psychological warfare, that’s for sure. I had to give myself a good pep talk– basically, that PT 26 and 27 were duds, and that it is NORMAL for scores to drop when someone first starts out 8 section tests. Breathe, LR, breathe.

It was really hard to get over my shitty scores on 26 & 27, but once I began seeing them as opportunities to improve my understanding of the LSAT, it became much easier. I found that just grading the bubble sheet and staring at the ugly red marks did NOT help me. Rather, marking the incorrect ones in the actual test helped me to see that I got plenty of questions right AND that this is just like my other drill problems, just in different format. Then when I started to log my mistakes in a spreadsheet and could see which Q types were giving me the hardest time, I began to see that improving my score is very doable as long as stop making the same mistakes.

Thursday & Friday, August 4-5: Work hard, play hard

Basically, I finished the remainder of the RC passages in PT 1-20. See previous post about my thoughts on RC. Besides RC drilling, I relaxed quite a bit since it was a family member’s birthday and birthdays are kind of a big deal in my family. I feel like my energy levels have revived 🙂

Saturday, August 6: Back to the grind

I’m re-reviewing missed LR problems from PT A, B, C, and also doing an intense review of PT 26 & 27 this weekend. I also need to review marked problems from LR problems from PT 1-20. So in a way, this weekend will be dedicated to LR.