Monthly Archive: August, 2011

the longest month is about to commence

I have an uncle who graduated at the top of his law school. He’s fierce and I respect him immensely. He lives in another country so the last time I saw him was… Continue reading

how does LR drill & review logic games?

Someone asked me how I drill & review logic games. I thought my answer could be helpful for others as well. I don’t do LG drilling everyday, but I try to. Step 1:… Continue reading

how to learn from one’s mistakes…

Studying from one’s mistakes is pretty intuitive (it’s also one of the most commonly prescribed answers you get from LSAT forums– learn from your mistakes, you blockhead!), but exactly how to do that… Continue reading

LR shares good news: free LSAT PT tracker!

I like free stuff just as much as the next person. Still, I was a bit skeptical when I came across Cambridge’s free excel spreadsheet because it sounded too good to be true.… Continue reading

self-memo #3: stop praying for a 180

Yesterday, it was just me and PT 29. I divided up the LR sections by question types and did everything nice and slow, without any time constraints. No idea how long it took… Continue reading

40 days and counting: drilling the classics

These past two days were spent drilling old games from PT 1-20, with the majority being linear. This was my second or third time for some of these games, so naturally these felt… Continue reading

self-memo #2: stop trying to reinvent the wheel

We all want to follow in the footsteps of successful people. What makes this third time so different from my previous prep is that I am much, much more open to new study… Continue reading

PT 23 (Oct 1997): 173

Yesterday, I completed PT 22 under semi-timed conditions (aimed for 35 mins but allowed over time if needed) and overall, scored a 165. Another reminder that taking off whole days is a big… Continue reading

44 days and counting: how times flies when you’re not…studying

Man, I hate that awful, sinking feeling in my gut. Insecure thoughts have been cropping up, with today being the worst bout I’ve had in quite some time. I could do poorly on… Continue reading

happy studying!

I couldn’t resist, guys. If you’re interested in seeing my other masterpieces, check out my newly minted page “LR’s Happy Thoughts.” Enjoy, and happy studying!

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