LR’s countdown: 9 weeks until the LSAT

This week was all about simplicity. Less thinking, more action, and a whole lot of “YOU CAN DO THIS, LR! DON’T GIVE UP!” ra-ra self-cheerleading. It’s kind of cool to see that I CAN do one round of 20 PT’s in less than 3 weeks if I put my mind to it, but I wish I had been more serious about drilling at the very start of my prep (and not so worried about perfectly syncing drilling with the Bibles) so that I had time to do another round. But damn, I really punished myself these past two weeks and I think it’s high time to move onto bigger and better things. Like practice tests!


P.S. If you haven’t used your laughing muscles in a while, I highly recommend Zombieland. It works like a charm for yours truly. This week’s motto: TIME TO NUT UP, OR SHUT UP.

Sunday, July 24: Hm…drilling is getting easier 🙂

  • Finished MBT questions from PT 1-20 (total = 100)

Monday, July 24: Never mind…this is just brain-numbing

  • Finished Weaken questions (total = 107)

Tuesday, July 25: DIE, LR DRILLS, DIE!

  • Finished Necessary Assumption questions (total = 128)
  • Finished Flaw questions (total = 140)
  • Seriously, 268 problems in one freaking day. That’s more LR than five practice tests put together!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 26: Drilling vs. Reviewing = Reviewing sucks more

  • Reviewed Q’s from linear and grouping games (total= 344). Redid diagrams for every missed Q and any question that I wasn’t 100% sure of when I did the games (there were about 20 problems I marked). Gawd, I hate reviewing. But it must be done.

Thursday, July 27: It’s all for you, RC!

  • Slowly worked through Humanities (Literature) passages. Working on different strategies (I’m dedicating an upcoming post to RC so keep an eye out)

Friday, July 28: Rinse & Repeat

  • Finished reviewing all other games from PT 1-20
  • Finished reviewing all Humanities (Art) passages
  • Began RC (music and poetry) passages

Saturday, July 29: Slowly, but surely….

  • Finished RC (music and poetry) passages
  • Start RC (social sciences) passages