last of the superprep trilogy: 170

Whew, I managed to increase my score by a point. I really thought I had a 166 once I was done with the PT (see below for my reasons). Starting with this test, I’m going to try and predict my score and try to improve that sixth sense. The reason why I’m doing predictions now is because the first and second time I took the LSAT, my family and friends always asked the same dreaded question:

“So how’d you do, LR?”

And I could never answer with even the slightest bit of confidence. My weak grin did not even begin to relay how incredibly unsure I was about my scores. So, I figured since I’m going all out this time, I should try to develop a sixth sense for the LSAT. Come October, I’ll let you know how this works out.

Score Breakdown:

  • Scaled Score: 170
  • Raw Score: 87/101
  • LG -5…UGH. LG, baby, why are we failing?
  • Experimental (RC) -3… RC, please, we need to stick together.
  • LR1 -5… Yet another -5.
  • LR2 -1… YESSSS!!!!!!!!! I knew I nailed this second LR section, so it felt good to only cross out one question.
  • RC -3 … I need to be more devoted to you, don’t I?

Under Untimed Conditions:

  • Scaled Score: 175
  • Raw Score: 93/101
  • LG -0… Redid every single question. Glad I did.
  • Experimental (RC) -3… didn’t do untimed review.
  • LR1 -4… Ok, so I caught one mistake. Good start, need to get better obviously.
  • LR2 -1… I was confident so I didn’t do this section seriously.
  • RC -3… didn’t do untimed review for reading sections. I will absolutely do them next time.
Predicted Score = 166. My reasoning is that I screwed up two LG questions and I was definitely not in the zone during the first half of the test. If I did well, it’s because I did well in the last two sections where I was completely focused and went very smoothly.

What did I eat? Before, coffee and leftovers from dinner. During break, some more coffee.

How did I warm-up? I reviewed missed questions from the experimental section of PT B which is PT 45 Section 1 (LR1).

How did I feel? I couldn’t sleep the night before so even though the first section was games (my favorite), I ran out of time and could not finish 2 questions so I picked D hastily without reading the problems. Doing tests in the AM is a lot harder than doing them in the PM. I had a VERY hard time focusing in the first and second sections because of a very minor detail– the pages were backwards. I was really flustered because I thought I was missing a page of the logic games section. These things do happen, so I’m taking it in stride.

However, in the fourth section (LR2) and the last section (RC), I felt like my pace was very strong and answering Q’s happened very naturally. There were a few Q’s where I was a little bit unsure of, but overall, I felt pretty good on these 2 sections.

Timing? I stopped working at 35 minutes for LG and RC, but for the two LR sections, I was under 35 minutes. I purposely spent a long time absorbing the RC passages, which in turn made answering questions a lot easier. However, I’ve never spent the full 35 minutes on the RC section and it’s risky to spend so much time on the passages vs answering Q’s.

How did the untimed review go? So this is my first time utilizing the Stanley Otto Swift Method which has been hyped about at TLS. For kicks, I’m nicknaming this the SOS method. Today, I did not have the chops to thoroughly review EVERY single question, although I did so faithfully for the LG section (-5 to -0) and the first LR section. Is it here to stay? I think it will. The fact that I have a 175 in me is very encouraging, but ultimately, I want ALL of my untimed PTs to be 180s (this blogger can dream, right?).


  • Spending more time on RC passages made answering Q’s very smooth. But, I was cutting it very close to 35 minutes.
  • Taking PT’s in AM is harder than taking them in the PM, in every way. Need to get used to taking tests in AM.
  • Devise a better warm-up routine.
  • SOS Method…will keep using it for now.