LR’s countdown: 11 weeks until the LSAT

I finally uploaded a google spreadsheet of my weekly goals and my PT progress, so check out my “4 month plan” page above. Having started this week on Tuesday, I’m not *extremely* disappointed with my progress, but I’m not pleased either. I think the worst part was that I could not do my Saturday PT today. Gr…

Next Saturday, me and you LSAT. It’s a date, I promise.

Sunday + Monday = out of town

Tuesday, July 12

  • LRB Chp 12, 14
  • All main point Q’s from PT 1-20
Wednesday, July 13
  • All matching patterns of reasoning Q’s from PT 1-20
Thursday, July 14
  • LRB Chp 13
  • LGB Chp 4, 5, 6, 7
  • 8 grouping games
  • 57 Method of Reasoning Q’s
Friday, July 15
  • 8 Art/Humanities RC passages
  • WATCHED THE LAST HARRY POTTER MOVIE. Sorry, not LSAT-related but this is a small reminder that I am a human being.
Saturday, July 16
  • Finish method of reasoning Q’s from PT 1-20
  • Finish all grouping games from PT 1-20
  • Finished matching argument flaw Q’s from PT 1-20
Sunday, July 17 (tomorrow)
  • Take PT C–man, scheduling my PTs for Saturday morning is harder than I thought. Albeit, I should have frontloaded my work earlier in the week so that I’m not forced to sit through 5+ hours of drilling on a Saturday. I’m really going to try to make Saturdays my PT days by pushing myself to finish my designated work by Thursday.