how do I approach RC problems?

If I miss more than 2 questions on the entire section, I get angry because this is my best section.

Here’s 4 things I do:

  1. While reading: Put initials of important concepts/topics/people next to the text so that I can ID them quickly while answering questions.
  2. While reading: Circle pivotal words like “even though”, “yet”, “however”, etc. since it reveals a shift in attitude/tone and test makers love making questions that see whether you noticed that shift.
  3. While reading: Resist the urge to underline, box, circle EVERYTHING because it can become a nightmare to answer questions later
  4. While answering: Personally, I find that I am more accurate when I eliminate four wrong answers rather than trying to sniff out the right answer. I noticed that when I spend more than 8 mins on a RC passage, it’s because I’m stuck on a question where I’m juggling between three “maybe” choices. Then when I narrow it down to two, I try to justify the right answer and….argh, takes up way too much time. Get into the state of mind of “I am cutting out 4 wrong answers and whatever is leftover is the right one.”
At the end of the day, you need to develop your own reading comprehension strategy. Still, I hope my observations were helpful.