Superprep B: 169

Folks, this is going to be a lackluster PT breakdown. Not because I don’t care, but because I honestly can’t remember many details from last Thursday. From now on, I’m going to MAKE TIME to write out my PT experience immediately after taking the test. Lesson learned.

Score Breakdown:

  • Scaled Score: 169
  • Raw Score: 85/101…eek, I did worse on LR and LG than the previous week. Thanks to a very generous curve, I managed to score a 169. However, if I counted my experimental as the “real” one, I would have gotten a 168. I’m going to start to think about it that way because on test day, I’m not going to know which section is the experimental. Gotta stay on my toes on every section!
  • LR1 -5
  • LG -4
  • Experimental (PT 45, Section1) -5
  • RC  -2
  • LR 2 -5

When did I start? 2pm-ish, this day was hectic because I hadn’t finished packing for the weekend road trip. Still, I gave the family my “radio silence for 3 hours” signal and headed to my study area.

What did I eat? Before, just some coffee and cantaloupe. During my break, a bowl of cereal. I do remember being super hungry during the third section, so I’m going to try and eat better before a PT.

How did I feel? Anxiety wise, much better this time around. I just shut down every other thought beside the LSAT.

Timing? Under 35 minutes for all 5 sections. Took a 10 minute break after section 3.


  • The LR sections, no matter what order they’re in, are my worst sections. Thus, I need to kick ass on the other two sections.
  • Need to be getting -0/-1 on RC passages.
  • LG…need more practice. It just takes one hard game to ruin my score.
  • I’m glad that including PT 45 as an experimental section did not completely destroy me…but I still suck at LR.

What I’ll change for next time:

  • Eat better before LSAT
  • Start preptests in the AM