what will be the next “monster section”?

The most recent LSAT-takers are bemoaning the Chopin RC passage.


The last time I heard this much noise at TLS was the mauve dinosaur game. I’m starting to think that the testmakers are purposefully throwing in a monster section to maintain their curve.

The best response I can give as a current studier for the Oct 2011 LSAT is to keep my head down and drill, drill, drill all three sections. I have to be ready for anything they throw me. Simply getting a great practice test score is not enough…

RC: need to read ALL answer choices, even if the “right” answer seems to be obviously A or B. It could be a trap.

LG: be able to diagram anything automatically and be comfortable with formal logic rules.

LR: this is my Achille’s heel, my nemesis, and I need to improve.