LR’s countdown: 13 weeks until the LSAT

I’m back on my regular schedule, sort of. Lucky number 13?

This week was supposed to be RC only, but my LR/LG drilling has been backed up so this is my make-up week.

Goals for this week:

  1. Finish LR explanations for PT 7-20 (must be true, MSS, and main point)
  2. Finish second round of linear LG for PT 7-20
  3. Do 1 round of RC from PT 7-20
  4. Take PT A and review it to death

Sunday, June 26:

  1. Finished LR explanations for PT 13+14. I started writing explanations in the margins instead of writing them in a notebook. I tried, guys, but if it’s taking me 2.5 weeks to finish LR explanations for PTs 7-20, then I need to adjust my studying technique. The fact that I had to push back my planned schedule by an ENTIRE WEEK scared me. That should NEVER happen again.
  2. Here’s my margin-review strategy:
  • If I got the question right, I could usually underline the evidence in a pretty color and point an arrow from the evidence to the correct answer. I wrote one-three word explanation of why the wrong answer choices were wrong.
  • If I missed the question, I wrote out at least a sentence of WHY the right answer is right and WHY the wrong answer is wrong. This slow but steady breakdown of LR is helping to alleviate some of my fear for this section. Also margin-writing = FTW. That is all.

Monday, June 27:

  1. Finished LR explanations for PT 15-20. See? Much faster progress doing margin-writing.
  2. Second round of linear games from PT 7-13 (note: some of these PTs don’t have linear games)

Even though I woke up early, I did the majority of my LSAT work in the late evening. I felt good about finishing my entire to do list until the next day…

Tuesday, June 28:
Woke up at 9:30am because I stayed up late finishing my LSAT to do list. Shitty personal day. No LSAT prep. I am trying to be more self-aware of these “off days” since they seem to happen at least once weekly. Before, I brushed this off and got mad at myself for not being able to shake it off. Now, I’m starting to think that if that’s the way my body and mind work, I need to accept it and schedule accordingly.

Wednesday, June 29:
I rarely keep track of my studying hours but today, I did.

  • 7am-10am: did linear LG from PT 14-17. Wrote down how long it took for me to do each game. Tried to hit under 8min 45 sec. Went over only once on PT 16. Still missing a few but can easily spot what I did wrong. Annoying!!!!!!!
  • 12pm-1-30pm: linear LG from PT 18-20. Graded and margin-reviewed
  • 4:30-5:30: Did PT 9+11 RC passages. Graded and margin-reviewed.

Thursday, June 30

  • Did RC passages from PT 12 and 13
  • Made some changes to my study plan. See “my 4-month study plan” for details.
Friday, July 1
  • Took Preptest A under timed condiitons- scored a 169! See previous post for full breakdown.
Saturday, July 2
  • Will be reviewing PT A to death
  • Try to do a few more RC passages since it’s taking longer than expected