Superprep A: 169

My plan is to take preptests on Saturdays @ 8:30am. Alas, this weekend I have a weekend guest and next weekend, I’m out of town with the family. So I decided to take a PT today and skip next weekend’s PT. Or I might take it next Thursday…we’ll see, but for now, I’ve already planned to skip PT B until the following weekend.

I should qualify my score by saying that I started @ 11am since I forgot to make a copy of preptest A and had to figure out how to use the family’s printer/copier. The first time around, I burned through about 30 preptests without making copies. ::FACEPALM:: Gawd, I still remember how incredibly regretful I was when I got my 163 the first time and realized that I didn’t have that much leftover material. While studying for the second time around, I was extremely reluctant to buy the damn PTs again so I just took whatever tests I had leftover. Bad idea, clearly. Starting later in the morning might have helped, so I will definitely make sure to start my next test at 8:30am. Since I want to control every testing variable that I can, I’m going to try and give a thorough breakdown for all of my performances.

Score Breakdown

  • Scaled Score: 169
  • Raw Score: 90
  • LR1 -4
  • RC -2
  • LG -1
  • LR2 -4
  • No experimental section & very short break between section 3 and 4

What did I eat?

bagel and coffee…yum

Where did I take the test?

at home

How did I feel?

I did my best to relax since I get a little queasy when I know I have to sit down and take a full-length test. Right BEFORE I turned the page to begin the test, I hesitated. Should I save my PTs until I’ve completely gone through the bibles and drilled the question types to death? What if I do horribly- won’t that put me in a bad mood? Part of this anxiety stems from the fact that I haven’t seen a full-length test since October 2010…so yeah, I had some mental work to do. Here’s the thing, I know exactly how much I need to accomplish each week in order to be fully prepared for the LSAT. I KNEW this test would not be indicative of my full potential since I’ve only been drilling one type of games and three types of LR questions. So, I took a big breath and began, consciously trying to repeat the strategies I’ve been doing during drilling. And you know what…I think it’s working. 🙂

What were my timing/testing strategies?

  • Much like how I drill individual question types, I decided to have the timer going so I could see how long it took me to finish each section and fill in a bubble sheet. I turned the timer away from me and if I felt a bit “slow” I would briefly glance at the timer. I was under 35 minutes for every section except LG. Below, I summarized what I do during preptests.
Circle pivotal words Circle pivotal words Put floaters in a cloud
Eliminate 4 wrong answers Put initial next to opinions and star them Try to make templates but don’t waste too much time
There is a good reason why the right answer is correct Put initials next to important topics, esp helpful when the passage goes back and forth Try to eliminate every wrong answer, but if time is limited, pick one and move on
Write down words that you’re not familiar with–look it up Box any terms that are being defined
ID the question type If time avail, put one word summary next to each paragraph