Monthly Archive: July, 2011

LR’s countdown: 9 weeks until the LSAT

This week was all about simplicity. Less thinking, more action, and a whole lot of “YOU CAN DO THIS, LR! DON’T GIVE UP!” ra-ra self-cheerleading. It’s kind of cool to see that I CAN… Continue reading

1492 questions down, 487 more to go

Taking today off from drilling in order to review the ones I missed thoroughly. The 1492 questions represent all of the logic game and logical reasoning questions in PT 1-20. 487 represents the… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 10 weeks until the LSAT

Monday, July 18: Iron Mental Chops First time doing a timed test, not grade it, do an untimed review of the test, and then grade it. I feel like I’ve grown much more… Continue reading

plan B is overrated

After a week of feeling awesome, I hit a giant cement wall. Maybe it’s the summer heat, but I was a hot mess these past two days. I can’t really explain why, but somehow I… Continue reading

last of the superprep trilogy: 170

Whew, I managed to increase my score by a point. I really thought I had a 166 once I was done with the PT (see below for my reasons). Starting with this test,… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 11 weeks until the LSAT

I finally uploaded a google spreadsheet of my weekly goals and my PT progress, so check out my “4 month plan” page above. Having started this week on Tuesday, I’m not *extremely* disappointed… Continue reading

how do I approach RC problems?

If I miss more than 2 questions on the entire section, I get angry because this is my best section. Here’s 4 things I do: While reading: Put initials of important concepts/topics/people next to… Continue reading

Superprep B: 169

Folks, this is going to be a lackluster PT breakdown. Not because I don’t care, but because I honestly can’t remember many details from last Thursday. From now on, I’m going to MAKE… Continue reading

LR, this is an intervention

My family, bless their hearts, told me that the LSAT was off-limits during the entire road trip. So Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent eating Korean-style fried chicken (zomg so good) and… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 12 weeks until the LSAT

Since I’ll be out of town this weekend and doing minimal LSAT work, I thought I’d post my weekly countdown post a little early. This week, I spent a LOT of time outside… Continue reading

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