how to rise and shine

Happy Wednesday!

Like any twenty-something year old, I hate mornings. Basically for the first half of June, I did not get up earlier than 10am and even slept in until 1pm a few times. Since it’s been a while since I took the LSAT, I couldn’t remember if the October LSAT is administered at 8:30am or in the PM.

The ticket says 8:30am. BLURGHHHHH. I realized that I had to fix my sleep schedule.

For the past week or so, I’ve been able to wake up early by imitating my dad who usually leaves for work early.

-When the clock strikes 10pm, head to bed. Drop everything.

-Set the alarm clock at 5:45am…Even if you sleep in, you’ll be up by 7am. If you get up, you’ll have a good hour of work done while drinking some coffee.

-Have a morning routine. It’s easy to slouch and then…oops, you’re in snooze land. I make coffee and head to my study space immediately. I organize/clean my study area by laying out exactly what I need. That helps. Also writing on my blog helps me to find focus.

This rise and shine attitude doesn’t happen immediately. The first 3-4 days were rough. I’d wake up at 5:30am and stare at my LSAT book with tired, squinted eyes. Go back to bed at 7am and wake up at 9am. Next day wake up at 6:30am and waste the entire morning on TLS. It happens. But I see the benefits immediately and I know this works for me because how I start my day influences the rest of my day.