LR’s countdown: 15 weeks until the LSAT

Finished Chp 6 of LR bible. Took a while because synthesizing my own notes was tedious.

Read Chp 1 of LG bible. Basics of LGs- easy read.

Finished Chp 2 of LG bible. Basic linear games.

Blurgh- did nothing.

Finished Chp 3 of LG bible. Advanced linear games.

Started doing Must be true (Inference) and Main point questions from PTs 7-20.

Will finish all Must be true (Inference), Main point, and linear-ish games from PTs 7-20 by tomorrow. I made a rough spreadsheet to see how many LR and LG questions I have to do from PT 7-20 for this week. Total LR questions = 130. Total Games questions = 18. Today, I’m going to go until PT 13. Will NOT stop until I’m finished!! ::cue Rocky theme song::

This Week’s Progress:
Somewhat sluggish start, I have to admit. Not good enough. I’m probably doing about two solid hours per day when I’m doing LSAT work. I plan on committing more hours next week. I also realize that my mornings start way too late (around 9am), which is bad since the actual LSAT is at 8:30AM. Will try to go to bed earlier and wake up at 7am. My brain should be LSAT-ready by 7:45AM. I’ll let you know how next week goes.

Next Week’s Plan: Reading Comprehension
RC has always been good to me, even on the SAT, where I scored a near perfect. RC is my strongest section, but I am going to dedicate this week to sharpening my skills. I should not miss any and having come out of the recent administrations, I can testify that RC questions have gotten trickier. I have Nova’s LSAT book and I plan to look around TLS for some RC tips tomorrow. Will do 8 reading passages per day and do my first timed PT (Prep test A) on Saturday since…October 2010…