LR’s countdown: 16 weeks until the LSAT

I’m going to try and make a weekly post on Saturdays of what I did since I’d like to have some kind of blogging routine, but still post random thoughts/plans for the LSAT here and there. I know this blog is anonymous, but putting my schedule out there makes me feel a bit more obligated. By writing down what I did each day, I can track my weekly input for the LSAT.

Since I didn’t do last week, I’ll just put it here.

June 5-11/ 16 Weeks Left/ Logical Reasoning
Sunday-Tuesday: organized old LSAT materials and bought new PTs (~$145)
Wed: read LR bible Chp 2+3
Thur: LR Chp 4
Fri: LR Chp 5 and started LR Chp 6
Sat: did nothing
Thoughts: argh, didn’t do any practice problems in PT 7-20.

This Saturday, I’ll write out what I completed this week.