I’m back. Yes, the old posts are gone. But erasing the past is not necessarily a bad thing…or so I’d like to think. Whatever, my blog, my rules.

Update: I am prepping for my third retake of the LSAT. I am totally past the shame, self-pity, and denial– I’m in kick-ass mode and prepared to stay focused this time around. October 2011 LSAT, I shall conquer you! I spent about a week searching for the proper tools.

Basically I downloaded a free excel calendar template and filled in my weekly goals until D-Day (October 1, 2011). I’ve got 16 weeks left. I didn’t bother buying someone else’s calendar or study plan. I did consider it (it’s tempting to just use someone else’s beautiful work), and I even had my credit card ready. But I paused and thought, “LR, you LOVE making to-do lists. Why not make your own?” True, I loathe the LSAT, but I finally persuaded myself that I should put my awesome color-coding/planning/scheduling skillz to good use.

I will study these materials:

  • Traciela books (PT 1-20) for LR, LG, and RC
  • PT 1-63
  • Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Bibles

Week 1 Goals:
LR bible Chp 2-6
Do related problems in PT 7-20

Yesterday’s work:
-Read Chapters 2-3 aka basics of LR
-Chapter 4 (Must be True) of LR bible. Read word for word and did every problem. Also, wrote out explanations for each answer choice. Very tedious, but you have to start somewhere.

By end of today:
-Chapter 5 (Main Point) of LR bible. Do same routine as above.