Monthly Archive: June, 2011

how to rise and shine

Happy Wednesday! Like any twenty-something year old, I hate mornings. Basically for the first half of June, I did not get up earlier than 10am and even slept in until 1pm a few… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 14 weeks until the LSAT

A little late and behind schedule by a week…Thankfully, I scheduled three weeks of “general review” so I’m able to push back my originally planned schedule a week and should be able to… Continue reading

tortoise and the hare

After writing that whiny post last night, I felt sort of defeated and embarrassed. So, I did what any allegorical tortoise would do, I humbly took another step towards my goal. I did… Continue reading


My mind keeps wandering when I look at LSAT stuff. I am not mentally exhausted and I’ve spent yesterday and today doing stuff that usually makes me feel better– cook gourmet burgers, watch… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 15 weeks until the LSAT

Sunday: Finished Chp 6 of LR bible. Took a while because synthesizing my own notes was tedious. Monday: Read Chp 1 of LG bible. Basics of LGs- easy read. Tuesday: Finished Chp 2… Continue reading

LR’s countdown: 16 weeks until the LSAT

I’m going to try and make a weekly post on Saturdays of what I did since I’d like to have some kind of blogging routine, but still post random thoughts/plans for the LSAT… Continue reading

quality vs. quantity of study materials

After spending about 1.5 hours reading through two different logic games study books, I’ve come to the conclusion that going through the LG bible slowly and then doing the related problems in practice… Continue reading

@ the library

Heading to the local library– was not able to focus AT ALL at home yesterday. It is hard to be cooped up at home when the weather is nice. It’s bad, but I’m… Continue reading

pig vs. chicken

I think an honest reflection of my poor performance is needed before I dive head first into preparation again. Clearly, something isn’t clicking. The first time around, I… -took a summer Kaplan course… Continue reading


I’m back. Yes, the old posts are gone. But erasing the past is not necessarily a bad thing…or so I’d like to think. Whatever, my blog, my rules. Update: I am prepping for… Continue reading

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