One Year Anniversary of the LSAT & First Law School Post

I noticed a spike in readership and realized that *gasp* yesterday was the Oct 2012 LSAT. For everyone who took it yesterday, I want to give you a proverbial pat on the back–… Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Laptops for Law School Part II

Guest post by Jess Murray, Professional Writer and Researcher   With education becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and law students needing smooth technical performance as well as portability from their laptops when moving… Continue reading

what to pack for law school (school supply version)

I think law school attracts a particular kind of person. I went to my local Office Max and while perusing the pen section, I noticed that the girl standing next to me was… Continue reading

Time is Money

Time Is Money: Top Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively Guest Post by Jess Murray, Professional Writer and Researcher If there is one thing that everyone knows about qualified lawyers, it is that… Continue reading

happy times & tips for scholarships

In the past month, I’ve connected with alumni from Wonderland Law School, who are friendly and, dare I say, seem like happy lawyers. Even though my conversations with them were biased in favor… Continue reading

for the love of paper cuts

After handling stacks of application papers, four of my fingers are covered in bandages. You’d think I would be more careful after the first…or even the second one. I finished applying for several… Continue reading

perfect laptop for law school?

It’s pretty much a given that technology is constantly evolving. I know that as soon as I buy a laptop, a new line of laptops will arrive. They will be slimmer, faster, and… Continue reading

alive and kickin’

I finally have a moment to sit down and write something! At my current job, I was promoted back in December 2011 so things got hectic at work. I’m starting to enjoy the… Continue reading

gap year to-do list

If you’ve followed me since my LSAT prep days, you know I like schedules. I hate the feeling of floating around without doing anything substantial– gap years suck but I do feel like… Continue reading

how to be a rainmaker

One of my nerdy hobbies is to read the profiles/bios of interesting people– for me, that would be women lawyers. I read several blogs and one of my favorites is the ABA’s “Meet… Continue reading

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